Fish and Chips - The Healthiest Takeaway
On first glance, your Friday fish and chip treat may not exactly scream 'healthy'. But in fact, your fish supper is a lot more nutritious than you may think! 
The words ‘nutritious’ and ‘takeaway’ are probably not what you would expect to fit together in the same sentence. Each year the average British consumer orders 34 takeaway meals, working out at roughly 3 per month. Many of these are of course good old fish and chips where according to The Federation of Fish Fryers, a staggering 382 million portions are eaten every year. With an ever-increasing trend and consideration into healthier choices with our food, on first glance it may seem that fish and chips fall at the lesser spectrum of a nutritional meal to enjoy as a takeaway. But did you know this favourite dish is one of the healthiest takeaway options available to the British as outlined by not only by our brilliant NHS, but also by leading food and health professors worldwide? After all, Winston Churchill believed the dish was nutritious enough to power the British through the entire Second World War. 
Of course, here at The Seashell in both the restaurant and our takeaway we have plenty of healthy options for all to enjoy. There is of course the option of grilled fish with new potatoes and salads, but what about what we are most renowned for? Our famous battered fish and chips continue to be spoken about since we first opened our doors. 
Let’s start with the most important element of your traditional chippy – the fish. Cod, haddock, skate, plaice – we at The Seashell never judge by your choice of protein! The nations favourite still continues to be cod, closely followed by haddock with skate just behind. These white fish varieties both provide essential vitamins C, B6 and B12, omega-3 fatty acid, some iron, zinc and calcium as well as iodine. For the gym buffs amongst you, an average portion also contains a massive 23g of protein, which is roughly the same content for a chicken breast portion of the same size. 
The fat content is also around almost three times less fat than a chicken tikka masala and pilau rice, or Chinese sweet and sour pork with egg-fried rice! Traditionally our fish is served in a crisp batter, batter which we are still famous for to this day since we first opened our doors. As time has moved on, we have adapted to alternative diets and requirements, including gluten free batter and also the option of having your fish grilled. We believe in giving our customers a variety of options meaning they are able to make the best choice for themselves. 
Freshly battered fish wouldn’t be complete without those traditional chip-shop chips! Did you know that the chunkier the chip, the better for you they are? Larger cut potatoes hold and absorb far less fat than your average skinny fry (often up to 30% less!), not to mention they come straight from the ground and are a fantastic source of fibre, potassium and vitamin C. Carbohydrates which make up most of the macronutrients in all types of potatoes form an essential part of our diets and are the prime source of energy when we are active – essential in these current times where more of us are exercising either at home or during our daily hour of allowed exercise outdoors. We at The Seashell also leave the option of salt and vinegar completely up to our customers. A good rule of thumb is to ensure adults consume no more than 6g of salt per day, equivalent to the size of a teaspoon. 
And lastly, who can forget the all-important trimmings?! Whatever your preference, gravy or curry sauce, pickled egg or onion, no fish and chip dish is truly British without a good old pickled gherkin and a side of mushy peas. These two accompaniments are not only delicious, they both also offer a ton of health benefits too. 
Gherkins are low in both calories and fat content, but are high in vitamin K. Vitamin K has been known to fight blood clots, liver disease and even osteoporosis. They also contain huge amounts of iron, calcium, vitamin A and potassium. 
Mushy peas. Need we say more? This simple ‘superfood’ is low in fat, has no added sugar, and best of all, a portion counts as one of your five a day! An average serving contains only 176 calories – you would need to eat a whopping 14 bowls to reach your daily calorific intake. 
So with all of this in mind, and with everyone making healthier choices when it comes to their food intake, why not remember the next time that you ask all of those around you on Friday afternoon “Shall we get a takeaway tonight?”, just how nutritious and full of health benefits fresh fish and chips really are. We’re sure you will earn first ‘plaice’ when it comes to telling everyone all that you know as you tuck in. And remember, we don’t judge here at The Seashell – picked onion or otherwise. 
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