It’s that time of year! A day of celebrating and honouring fathers, brothers, uncles, and any other important male figures you know. Being a male that shows up for those in their life is not easy; we can forget the sacrifices and struggles they face, which is why it is crucial for days like today to exist. 
Let’s look at some research findings that may come as a surprise to you. 
1. Children are likely to perform better at school and participate in extracurricular activities when their fathers are more involved in their education 
2. Fathers are also prone to postpartum depression 
3. There are 1.5 billion fathers worldwide 
Pretty interesting, isn’t it? 
As a ‘thank you’, we would like to offer all fathers a free beer when they dine in our restaurant today, Sunday 19th June. Simply come in with your loved ones; be it your brother, sister, or daughter, and you can enjoy a beer on us. 
Beer ice cream is also on the menu for those with a sweet tooth. 
We look forward to celebrating with you! 




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