Did you know plastic waste in the ocean will triple by 2040 if we don't take drastic measures?  
With over 97% of the world's water held in our oceans, we strongly rely on it to regulate our climate and absorb CO2. Not to mention it houses 3.5 trillion fish and other sea-life. Many of our freshwater fish populations are declining due to unethical fishing, with nearly 1/3 threatened with extinction. Due to this, The Seashell only uses sustainable fishing methods to source the fresh fish served every day; we have been partnered with the same British supplier for over 15 years, ensuring our fish is traceable and caught in only the safest places in the UK.  
In a bid to further do our part, we have begun our journey to eliminate all plastic in our Restaurant and Takeaway. We are proud to now stock cartoned and canned water, and soon transition to non-plastic utensils for all takeaway meals.  
This is only the start, and we invite you to join us on this journey to save our planet. 
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