Healthy Eating at The Seashell of Lisson Grove, Marylebone   

History of Batter 

Crisp outer shell encasing a cooked fillet.....there is nothing more British than fish and chips, but you’d be surprised to know that coating fish in batter was to act as a preservative which was then thrown away when the fish was eaten. 
Cooking in batter protects the fish from the cooking oil and allows the fish to cook in its own steam, trapping in the fish's natural juices, goodness and flavour. 
Eating battered fish appeared in Britain as far back as the 15th Century, and was introduced by Portuguese Marrano Jews. 
History of batter
Fish and Chips, London

 Cooking in Vegetable Oil 

Vegetable oil enhances the appeal of our fish and chips at our Restaurant due to its light and neutral flavour profile. It ensures a crisp and golden exterior while allowing the natural flavours of the fish to shine through. Additionally, vegetable oil is a heart-healthy choice, making our dish a tasty and wholesome option for our customers. 
Cooking in Ground Nut Oil
Cooking in healthy oil

 Panko - an Alternative Coating 

Panko is similar to breadcrumbs but is processed into large flakes rather then crumbs. It is light, airy and has a delicate texture that helps it crisp as it cooks. The texture is especially wonderful for fried food as it absorbs less oil than breadcrumbs, keeping the food more crisp and crunchy and healthy. 
Panko coating
Panko coated fish

 Alternatives to Chips 

Enjoy the most traditional potato alternatives with your fish! The Seashell of Lisson Grove prides itself on using the very best produce, sourced locally and prepared fresh each day. 
Mashed potato as alternative to chips
Boiled potato as alternative to chips
Allergen Advice - We are unable to guarantee any of our foods are free of any food allergens 
Before you order your food and drinks please speak to a member of staff if you want to know about our ingredients 
Your Fish can be Fried or Grilled! 
Fried fish is lightly coated in batter then fried in pure Groundnut oil. As and alternative to batter all fish can be fried in Matzo or Panko 
We grill our fish with either butter or olive oil - if you would like it any other way, please advise a member of staff 
We grill our filleted fish for 10/15 minutes, fish on the bone for 15/20 minutes 
Grilled fish can be served with a choice of lemon and herb oil, garlic butter of hollandaise 
All main courses and house dishes are served with either chips, new potatoes, baked jacket potato, mash or a side salad 
Chips are Bottomless when ordered with the Main Course 
Our fish is delivered fresh daily and is therefore subject to availability 
Whilst every effort is made to remove all bones from our filleted fish, we cannot guarantee every bone is removed 
Prices are inclusive of VAT 
Gratuities are at your discretion 
The Sea Shell hopes that you enjoy your meal 
Your feedback will be welcomed by the Manager 
Seashell of Lisson Grove Menu
Seashell of Lisson Grove Menu
Fish and Chip Takeaway, London
Seashell of Lisson Grove, London
Fish and Chip Takeaway
Seashell of Lisson Grove Gallery
The Seashell of Lisson Grove
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